Oh what fun it is to see ...

Didn't make it up there and all credit to those who went ... they got what they deserved.

I followed the game on CAFC Player - worked very well although I lost commentary for the first few minutes of 2nd half and had to log in again. Overall it is worth having.

And it is great to also contribute to the match threads on Charlton Life ... often get a very different perspective with the comments made ... some by people actually at the game.

Sounded like we were scarcely troubled in the first half and I must admit that my mind returned to Wycombe when we became too casual and let them back in the game. Thankfully that did not happen at Hartlepool, either because we did not relax so much, or Hartlepool are a weaker team.

Based on the radio commentary, our key players were Jonjo (mentioned as a pivotal influence), Bailey, Burton, and Elliott late in the 2nd half (again) ... but to be fair, none of the team sounded too bad ... possibly Youga receiving a few negative comments.

The "Two Little Boys" anthem before the game was very surreal but the crowd obviously enjoy it.

So on to Brisbane Road (or whatever it's called these days) on Tuesday ... with almost 2,800 tickets having gone by Saturday night, it looks like a 3,000 sell-out ... and I won't be there!!!

I have to go back to Germany tomorrow and won't be back until Wednesday night ... bloody work! At least my son will make it ... and it is his first trip to Orient.

To those who are going, make a lot of noise and back the Addicks ... I know it is far too early to tell, but this has the makings of a exciting season.

... and regarding the takeover ... what takeover?

Good review from one (Drinking during the Game) who was there. Also Dr Kish and Inspector Sands.


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