The joy of text

I am so jealous of those who were able to go last night ... it's just not the same receiving text messages whilst having dinner in Frankfurt!

But the excitement still managed to get down the mobile network as an abridged version of the texts shows below:

Son: They scored :-)
Me: Crap!
Me: Yesss, jonjooooo!
Son: BURTOOON, 2-1
Me: Brilliant!
Son: We won!!!
Me:Yesss, I cannot wait until saturday, what a season already!
Wife: Yessss. Also Welling won 3-2, but Ambrose scored 2 for Palace and they won, sh*t!
Me: Marvellissimo!
Son: Burton motm, Racon close second. Dailly also quality.
Me: I love this division, my 3rd time in div 3 and there are always good moments.
Me: Burton may possibly be special at this level, but we need a bigger squad to be sure.


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