4 out of 4

When did that last happen, winning first 4 games of the season? Will check it out later but for the moment I am relishing being TOP OF THE LEAGUE!

Once again, we played a team that is not at our level, and to be honest we were not as convincing as we should have been ... but the fact is that you still have to win the games ... and we did.

Just listened to the Parky interview on Radio London ... I am definitely warming to him ... again an honest and open interview ... and let's not forget the inspired substitution.

He is aware that we did not have the greatest of performances but puts that down to a run of early games in a short time ... not getting involved in the 'takeover' but emphasises that squad is weak in depth but we will do our best to get through it if nothing materialises before the end of the transfer window.

Followed by an interview with Robbie Elliott, totally overjoyed that the team he supports is top and that he is playing for us and kept a clean sheet.

Great attendance figures again, especially as Walsall away support was so woeful.

Overall we know we can do better, and there are times when despite being so much on top, the team gets nervous ... and yet at other times our passing game is superb and other teams cannot touch us.

Elliot - No real problems, competent display.
Richardson - I like Richardson and he pulled out the stops again but I have concern with his clearances and passes which never seem at all targeted.
Youga - got stuck in, had some good moments, but I am still unsure about him.
Dailly - not sure if he can last a season and play every game but I certainly hope so. Valuable experienced player.
Llera - in the end I awarded him my man of the match over Burton. Well taken goal, excellent defending, totally determined to stop anything getting through, and a powerful presence for our corners.
Sam - some good crosses once again, and some speedy runs, but made sense for him to be subbed.
Semedo - always have been a great fan of Semedo and that definitely has not changed, very important part of our team, and often undervalued.
Racon - another excellent game contributing so much.
Shelvey - runs his socks off, he's everywhere and massively determined to win every game.
Bailey - excellent captain's performance ... again!
Burton - could easily have given him man of the match, he gets better every game in overall contribution, only thing missing was the ball in the net.
Wagstaff - totally full of confidence, converted a great goal that may not have happened if Lloyd were still on the pitch. Nice to know we have him in reserve.

Ohh, and Palaaarse lost, the Spanners only drew last night ... and we are 20 points above pardew :-)


Anonymous said...

I am just so enjoying this. After nearly two years of angst and agony I am having a whale of a time. and Mr Parkinson? Possibly one of the most dignified managers I can remember given the boardroom issues and fans lack of confidence - mine included.

Pembury Addick

StoneMuse said...

I'm fully with you on that, Pembury - dignified is a great description for Parky.

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