Almost a nightmare

Aaaaargh, just wrote a review and the PC died on me and lost the lot ... try again!

Well, we almost threw it away again ... a game which we completely dominated until the last 15 minutes or so ... a game in which we should have been at least two clear at the end of the first half ... and at least three clear by the end based on possession ... yet we became too complacent and casual allowing Wycombe back and giving them the confidence to actually think they could get a result in a game that was never going their way.

But ... and it's a big but ... we won! And on the track record of the last couple of years, that has to be seen as a plus.

My reviews:
Paul Elliott - not bothered much in the first half, made some poor choices in the 2nd half but salvaged everything with a brilliant save.
Frazer Richardson - fairly confident display, looks like we may have a good signing here.
Kelly Youga - forced into a few errors, not his best display, but also made some very good tackles and clearances.
Nicky Bailey - excellent game, fully deserved goal, and an ideal passionate captain.
Miguel Llera - looked good in the first half, took a good goal, and then let himself down with a poor performance late on - looks very nervous under pressure especially with through balls.
Jose Semedo - fairly good performance, we will see a lot better this season.
Jonjo Shelvey - lots of passion, good corners, wanted even more of the ball and got a little frustrated.
Therry Racon - fairly quiet, but nothing to complain about.
Deon Burton - reasonable, but we should be expecting more from him.
Lloyd Sam - excellent crossing, good runs, my man of the match.
Christian Dailly - brings some much needed experience, well taken goal, could be invaluable later in the season if he lasts out.

Andy Gray - should have scored, disappointing.
Izale McLeod - spirited, but little end result.

Crowd were good and the Covered End sounded loud from my new seat at the back of the East Stand - good attendance figure.
The ref had virtually nothing to do in the first half, yet played like a park ref in the 2nd half - totally rubbish ... Wycombe player takes a free kick and passes to himself? ... Bailey booked for what? Was the ref actually replaced - radio after the game seemed to think so?

Anyway, we won ... that's all that matters ... we will face tougher opposition but of the 3 clubs that came down, we had the best start! Onwards and ... hopefully ... upwards!


Anonymous said...

Paul Elliott in goal?

StoneMuse said...

whoops ... I said I had to re-post, obviously too quickly!

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