I spent a bit of time this afternoon trawling through a number of message boards and forums to see if there are any fresh views regarding any potential takeover / financial injection ... not that I realistically expected to find much.

... and to be honest, there isn't much, just dreary repetition of the same points, and a surprising amount of animosity towards some individuals and forums ... so much for unity.

However, I also decided to check out some of the main Spanners and Palaaarse boards and it is safe to say that all three SE London clubs have a very unclear future at the moment.

It may not be all completely doom and gloom (although it is fairly close to that) but depending on how matters develop, we could all face admin ... and I am sure that this situation is being replicated all around the country. I am willing to bet that season 2010/2011 will see us without 2 or 3 existing clubs somewhere in the League ... being a naturally optimistic person, I believe we will manage to get out of this mess ... but others will definitely fall by the wayside. I cannot believe that every club will survive in the current environment.


Sounds like a reasonable meeting was held last night with regard to the proposed Supporters Trust ... the next meeting is planned mid-September ... when I will be on a business trip to Hong Kong - bloody typical!

I am still not convinced that such a Trust is the right way forward but am very happy that it is at least being investigated ... Charlton fans have tended to be at their best when times are bad and even if the Trust does not fly, I am sure that something will come of this action. Whichever way it goes I will try to provide some positive input and support - travel commitments allowing!

Incidentally one of the posters that I read on a Palaaarse board was not particularly impressed with the success (or lack of it) of their own Trust ... however there is evidence that it has worked elsewhere so it's best at this stage to keep an open mind.


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