Parky renews contract

Phil Parkinson signs one-year extension to his contract.

Differing views about this around the Interweb, but I see it as a good move.

He deserves to be recognised for his work this season having turned a broken demoralised bunch of players into a tight disciplined team.

Of course we are not there yet ... and a number of fans would rather wait until we are promoted ... or not, which is their argument.

My view is that we should give credit and reward where it is due ... this is good man-management from the board ... and shows that the club believes in his approach.

Furthermore it gives a great sign to the players that the board has confidence in the way we are moving forward ... what better way to further improve the self-assurance of the squad?

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We can do it

A month since the last post ... doesn't time fly!

So what's happened on the pitch since then?

Three nil defeat at Colchester ... more goals conceded than expected but I think a lot of us saw this as a potential banana skin game ... and so it proved.
Leeds away ... a creditable 0-0 draw ... I certainly would have accepted that before the game started ... which I celebrated in Floyds Bar in Vilamoura :-)
Barnet ... blimey, we won a cup game and emphatically at that!
Oldham ... a nil-nil slog ... I hope not many teams come down to the Valley and play like that!
Huddersfield ... 2-1 win in a very hard-fought and enjoyable match ... they are a tough team to beat.
1-1 draw at Gillingham ... bearing in mind their home record, not a bad result ... but so annoying with another late goal.

So, it's 29th October and we are second ... if given the chance at the start of the season, virtually all of us would have accepted that. We've seen enough already at the top and bottom of the table to realise that we should definitely be in the pay-offs ... whoops typo, should be play-offs but it means the same anyway ... at least, and a top 2 automatic promotion spot is certainly achievable. Actually, I have been surprised how many clubs have stayed close to us in 3rd and 4th spot, with a few not far away down to 8th position.

If I have one complaint this season it is the quality of the officials ... but bearing in mind that those at the top are not always the best, it is no great surprise.

The cup draw at Northwich Victoria is perfect ... if we have to play in the first round, then this is exactly the type of game that epitomises the FA Cup. A pity that our support will be reduced due to the difficulties of getting up there on a Sunday, but the revenue from ITV will be more than welcome to the cash-stretched Northwichers.

Talking of away support, good to see that ours is the 2nd highest in the division ... must be our highest for years!

So, Saturday, and it's on to Carlisle. I expect a win, and I'll go for 3-1 to us, all goals in a lively 2nd half.

Mooney to come on just after half-time, score the first goal and give a performance which will allow him to stay in the squad and provide Deon with the chance to have his hernia op.

Shelvey on for final 30 minutes assisting Semedo for a goal, wrapped up with a Wagstaff cameo and goal when he comes on for the final 15 minutes in place of a tiring Lloyd Sam.

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