Update - Supporters' Trust Meeting


Time, date and venue:
7.00 pm Tuesday 4th August 2009,
Conservative Club, 51 Charlton Church Lane, SE7 7AE

Purpose of Meeting:
This is an initial meeting for Charlton fans to find out more about the concept of a Supporters’ Trust.
The representative from Supporters’ Direct has pointed out that this is normally, in the case of other trusts, 5 or 6 people discussing the idea in a pub. While interest at Charlton has already exceeded this he is still keen to follow a process which is open and inclusive to as many fans as possible.

Aims of the Meeting:
To discuss with James Mathie, a representative from Supporters’ Direct, the stages of setting up a Trust.
To gauge if there is sufficient support for the setting up of a Trust and if so;
To start to plan the legal and other processes needed to set up a Trust.
To collect the names and contact details of any interested parties.

1. Q & A with James Mathie - Supporters’ Direct (http://www.supporters-direct.org/)
a. Legal structure of Trusts
b. Examples from other Trusts
c. Reasons for setting up a Trust and model aims

2. Next Steps
a. Setting up a Trust – What is involved?
b. Time scales and Stages
c. Constitution and model rules

3. Open discussion on possible aims of the Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust

4. Any other business and close

This is an open meeting and all fans are welcome to attend.

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Supporters Trust

Welcome to the new updated Many Miles ...

More importantly, check out the below link for a very important upcoming meeting on 4th August at 7.00pm to discuss the potential formulation of a Supporters Trust.

Charlton Life

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Back to Blighty

Got back from Portugal last Thursday and intended to start blogging again on Monday ... fat chance with the power-cuts! Currently in one of our 3-hour rota allocations so taking advantage.

Not very easy working from home this week without regular power ... having to continually locate a power source for my laptop ... I’ve not hand-written so much for years!

Holiday started well, but got screwed up at the end of the first week ... walking back from a restaurant talking to my son and son-in-law whilst my daughter and wife were a few yards behind us. Suddenly heard my wife screaming and realised that a local scumbag had stolen her bag ... son and son-in law tried to catch him but to no avail. He obviously had done this before and had his escape route well planned. Bloody typical that my wallet was in the bag, full of cash ... and my credit cards! ... which I had got out that day ... I rarely carry cash but a lot of the local restaurants did not take credit cards. Also my wife lost her purse with all her cash, both our cameras ... and the bloody villa keys!

Some helpful locals called the police for us, and took us to the police station to make a report ... total waste of time as despite their excellent English they decided that we had to come back in the morning with an official interpreter! They then called an emergency locksmith who took us back to the villa, broke into the villa garden gates and the villa back door, charging us 200 quid for the privilege.

Suffice to say it put a downer on the rest of the holiday and money was at a premium although fortunately I had some backup travellers cheques and my son used his debit card. From what the locksmith told us, this is now a regular occurrence in Vilamoura so be careful ... we also had an intruder in our garden a day or two later who pretended he was a gardener. The people next door told us this is a common thing these days and most villas have experienced problems.

On the plus side we got to see Perry and Karen a couple of times at Floyds, the best Charlton bar in continental Europe! Equally fortunate that on the first visit, it was Karen’s birthday so a good time was had by all.

Provided power cuts are over, will get back to Charlton blogging tomorrow ... all sorts of things appear to be possibly happening ... or not ... over next few days!

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