Negative support

For various reasons I have had little opportunity in the last few weeks to attend to my blog.

And, to be honest, there is little I could add to the excellent commentaries that have been provided by numerous other online Charlton fans.

I’m back in Singapore again and had a chance to read a lot of reports on the Wolves game on the flight over on Sunday … and it is amazing how many reported on the negativity of the Charlton crowd. And they are right! I sit in the East Stand, a couple of blocks from the Covered End, and from an early stage in the game, I seem to be surrounded by people booing … and it is not just in the East Stand … the Covered End has a number of such ‘fans’ also.

OK, if you’ve paid your money then I guess you have that choice … but if you don’t like it, then don’t bother coming!!! If this means less season ticket holders next season, then I am all for it. Fair enough, it is down to the team to get their act together … but it doesn’t help when so many ‘fans’ slag them off. Even on the TV coverage you can hear the jeering and boos.

Yes, most of us assumed that this season would be a success and we are pissed off being mid-table. But this is Charlton!!! We have no god-given right to be successful … so many of these supporters are behaving like Spurs fans … we are too good to be where we are … why should we have to play in this division … we are far too good. Well, actually, we aren’t at the moment! So live with it and support the team … grumble if you want, moan if you want, stop going if you want (and I wish some of them would) … but don’t turn the Valley into a negative arena of self-pity. Remember who we are, and where we come from, and what it took for this club to achieve what it has in the last 10 years.

Amazingly, we could still make the play-offs, we could even go up. I don’t think we will, but that won’t stop me and many thousands of others still returning next year. If they can’t make the commitment to back our unique club, then I’d rather they stay away.

There are still many positives this season … we have a great board of directors (and, yes, I know, I’m not blind, they have made big mistakes, but I’d still rather have them than not), we have a great core fan base, and still believe in having a fan on the board. The club believes in looking forward … yes, we have fallen behind from where we wanted to be, but it is still the only club that I want to support.

And there is a lot of promise and potential in the team … Zheng Zhi, Youga, Paddy, Weaver, Moo2, Basey, Semedo, Sodje, etc … they may not all have been as consistent as we would prefer … but they are good players and definitely have the potential to take us up next season.

And if they don’t … well, stuff the doom and gloom lot … this is my team, my Charlton, and I will still return year after year.

C’mon you Reds !!!

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