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What a great day. I hadn't posted on the two cup games, initially because after Northwich I did not find myself with much to say and others had adequately expressed my feelings.

Furthermore, many of the message boards and forums were so over the top with ridiculously inane and accusatory comments that I couldn't be bothered to add anything.

Then, after the Saints game, the comments became so extreme that an outsider would have thought that the club had ended. There was nothing good to come out of the 2 cup games (apart from the obvious ... allowing us to firmly concentrate on the league) but there was no need for the melodramatic and theatrical posturing that was going on.

So we may not all agree that Parky is the right manager ... but what's the point of replacing him now? We have been down the road of a managerial merry-go-round before and see where it got us!

Fans that emphasised we were still second are accused of having rose-tinted spectacles, do not have the bottle to complain, and are content in their little 3rd division world.

Well that's complete b*llsh*it ... just because some of us did not view last week as the end of the world and that with all the doom and gloom Charlton were finished, does not mean our viewpoint is invalid.

And perhaps ... maybe ... the result yesterday went some way to vindicating the team. OK, to those with a glass half-empty perspective, it was just one game ... it always is when we are doing well, but when we are losing (as only occasionally happens this season), it is seen as far more valid.

The best comment that I saw on the message boards last week was 'Get a grip' ... one that I fully supported and still do.

There are Charlton fans out there who seem to thrive when results are bad but disappear into the woodwork when we actually do something positive. I've not been on the boards yet today ... on purpose .. I did not want it to influence my thoughts. Will be interesting to see what is being said in a few minutes. Hopefully there will be some more positivity ... but my guess, as stated above, is that many will still be saying it's only a one-off. Well, it's one game, so what else can it be?

After the next 3 weeks ... with four winnable games ... Yeovil and Brighton away, Bristol Rovers and Southend at home ... we will have a very good idea of where we will be going this season. I still firmly believe we will be up there in the top two ... many seem to think we will be out of the play-offs by Christmas ... we will see. My son is going to Yeovil next week, and I must admit that I am quite jealous that I am missing this one ... but circumstances (i.e. an overseas business trip) denied me this game.

Anyway, back to yesterday. A sterling display, all the more pleasing as we came back from one down. In my view, an excellent riposte to the spineless 'couldn't care less' attitude of the Vics game.

Weather conditions were atrocious, but affected both teams equally, and it was always obvious that high balls could be very threatening if fed into the area. I thought that Franchise FC were one of the better teams that we have seen (oh, how I hate to say that) and for many periods played a very neat passing game. But they are badly let down by their ill-disciplined and continual complaints to the referee, a myriad of niggly fouls, and a tendency to rush the ref en-masse when they feel hard done by. Any coincidence that Incey is their manager?

Both our team and our fans seemed to approach this game in the same vein. During the first half hour, we were out-sung, and at least matched on the pitch. In the second half, we were the stronger team and better able to adapt to the conditions, whilst the Covered End just got louder and louder, one of their best 'appearances' this season.

As for the team:

Ikeme - I'm not convinced about him, but to be fair, I'm not convinced about Randolph either. He needs to take control of his area and start shouting when he is coming for the ball.

Richardson - I believe we have missed Fraser, the defence seems stronger when he is on the field. A good display, but hope the injury is not bad.

Youga - not his best game, but more than competent at times. Definitely managed to pressure Franchise when he went on runs.

Sodje (Sam) - this guy wants to win. I love his attitude and even more so when I read his interview in the program after the game. If you haven't seen it, try to get a copy. A real Charlton man who admits he has had sleepless nights since the Vics game and was desperate to amend the situation. The way he celebrated by dancing around the pitch after the game says it all.

Dailly - as always, a solid professional display. 36 years old? Hard to believe ... he still has a couple more seasons in him.

Sam - this was better. Seemed a lot fitter today than recent weeks.

Semedo - very skillful player, not yet back to his best.

Bailey - my man of the match. Got stuck in everywhere, commanded the team, and got results.

Racon - good game, but as with Semedo, not back to his best. The pairing need to get back to the the level they had earlier in the season.

Burton - excellent, so happy he got a goal before he was substituted. Definitely troubled Franchise FC.

Mooney - as he had promised, delivered a strong game, and I am a little concerned that his loan spell expires on 1st December ... I hope we can keep him longer.

Basey - very committed if not always effective, but he tried.
McKenzie - looked good and I like the way he 'ghosts' in on the opposition without them expecting it, and grabs the ball. Strong in the tackle.
Sodje (Akpo) - if he gives us half as much as his brother, then signs are good.

... and Parky, well done, good shape to the team, and a sounder, more astute tactical awareness than we saw in the cup games.

C'mon you reds !!!


Anonymous said...

Stonemuse we danced out of the ground yesterday we were so happy. How often do you beat a team who is third in league 5-1? And it could have been 2 or 3 more. I don't care if its League 1 or not.

I also don't care about next week's game either - I'm enjoying the last one too much!

You are right about the crowd - that rendition of C-A-F-C in the second half was superb. Wish we could do that every game.

Result aside, it was the attitude and commitment that so impressed. Like you I'd love to keep Mooney too.

Pembury Addick

Wyn Grant said...

Very good report. The extent and depth of the negativity still puzzles me. Admittedly, Phil Parkinson is not exactly charismatic but if he gets us out of the division that's more than good enough.

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