Parky renews contract

Phil Parkinson signs one-year extension to his contract.

Differing views about this around the Interweb, but I see it as a good move.

He deserves to be recognised for his work this season having turned a broken demoralised bunch of players into a tight disciplined team.

Of course we are not there yet ... and a number of fans would rather wait until we are promoted ... or not, which is their argument.

My view is that we should give credit and reward where it is due ... this is good man-management from the board ... and shows that the club believes in his approach.

Furthermore it gives a great sign to the players that the board has confidence in the way we are moving forward ... what better way to further improve the self-assurance of the squad?


Anonymous said...

Well said Stonemuse.

I've no idea if he will take us on to glory, but I warmed to him for his professional calmness and integrity in the summer when there was so much uncertainty around. His approach to getting a tighter squad that fights for the club is far closer to the Charlton we know and love, and haven't seen for quite a while.

And so far this season he's given me more a football buzz than I can remember for many years.

Well done Mr P.

Pembury Addick

ChicagoAddick said...

Well said PA. Stonemuse I am getting worried about your blogging prolificacy :-)

StoneMuse said...

Fully agreed Pembury.

.. and Chicago, it won't last,I just get these moments when I remember to blog ;-)

Hope all going well with the new arrival to the family :-)

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