Any win will do

We won.

I was going to leave it there and say no more ... it was the most important issue of the day and if we can win when most of the team has an off-day, then I'm delighted.

But it is worth making some comment. This is a game that I am sure we would have lost in the last 3 or 4 seasons ... ok, yes, we are in a lower division but getting a result when it is perhaps not deserved is how many teams end up being promoted. Look at Leeds ... they have had 3 or 4 games this season when even their fans admit a win was not deserved ... but they got it and that is the difference between automatic promotion and playoffs, playoffs and 7th.

Southend brought less fans than I expected but based on their home crowds I guess it was reasonable. They were in fairly good voice, although as usual the acoustics of the Jimmy Seed stand do help. Found it a bit ridiculous when they started singing 'Can we sing a song for you' just after the Covered End had been particularly vocal. And I hadn't realised how much they now dislike Nicky Bailey! Is he their Scotty Parker?

There were a few quiet spots from both sets of supporters, and once again the Covered End were better in the 2nd half and I am hoping that the reprise of "CAFC - we hate Millwall" gets a repeated airing in 2 weeks, as it is one song that currently appears to reach a high decibel level in the Covered End. Let's just trust that the Charlton fans will turn out for this game in their droves ... it is our real derby not the plasticness of Palaaarse!

As for the game yesterday, well perhaps the less said the better. I heard Phil Parkinson on the radio on the way home saying that it was messy and we did not look particularly good, but it was the result that counted ... I couldn't agree more. Not a sumptuous feast of football for the fans, but we all would have taken 3 points before the game whatever the display. There were times when we actually looked like the away side and not even a good one at that.

I said to my son before kick-off that I wondered how the lack of Semedo would affect us ... the display was not entirely due to his absence, but I believe it highlights his importance to us in midfield. Our passing game was non-existent, and we have proved many times that when we can get the passing going and keep the ball on the floor, we are as good as, if not better than, anyone in this division.

Elliot - not that troubled to be honest despite the possessional superiority that Southend appeared to have. Reacted well when called upon to do so.

Richardson - nothing special but it felt good to have him back. I hope the injury is not serious.

Basey - good game, totally committed but still a lot to learn. A concern about his lack of pace at times, but I think he brings enough into his game to counterbalance this.

Sam Sodje - very strong at times, but not at his best.

Dailly - better than most even he did not have one of his best games.

Sam - good runs, and did worry Southend at times, but not enough end result.

Racon - very worrying attitude in this game, and he showed once again why he has been the midfielder that has not managed to score this season.

Bailey - I thought this would be a giant performance against his former team but it was not to be.

Wagstaff - never stops running and can be a bit of a thorn in the side of the opposition. Like Basey, he is still learning but deserved his starting spot in the team.

Mooney - my mate was explaining to me before the game why he does not rate Mooney, whereas I do. He believes he is too lightweight and knocked off the ball too easily. Why did he choose yesterday to prove my mate right?

Burton - if I have a man of the match it is Deon. 10 goals so far and he could definitely be on course for 20 this season if his hernia does not affect him too badly. Always dangerous.

Omozusi - I am not convinced yet, but I am beginning to believe that there might be something there.

Spring - not as effective as I had hoped he would be, but to be fair, that may be down to the team performance as a whole.

Akpo Sodje - did not have a starring cameo this time, but I like having him on the bench as an effective sub.

So ... overall not the best, but we are still 2nd and widened the gap with some teams ... apart from Norwich. But they still have to catch us and those ... and their numbers were very high ... among the Charlton 'faithful' who were convinced we would be outside the top six by Christmas ... I just hope you are happy that you have been proved wrong.

Stockport next week who I believe are on the back of a 6 or 7 game losing streak - surely it must be the right time to play them!

And the week after ... the game I have been waiting for ... Spanners at home. Get those vocal cords well oiled Covered End!!!.


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