What is really happening?

With the news yesterday that Rick Everitt has been sacked, it becomes less and less transparent as to what is happening behind the scenes at Charlton.

Rick's statement can be found at Charlton Life.

With Steve Kavanagh and Peter Varney already gone, we have lost a number of 'real' Charlton fans that worked within the club.

Is this good or bad? I tend to believe it is not positive purely because I do not ... yet ... understand the rationale behind this.

It is not unknown for new owners to arrive at a company and completely clear the decks ... the problem is that there do not appear to be any replacements. There are so many rumours floating about regarding the identity of our owners, and the fact that there has apparently been some kind of falling out and that new financial sources are being sought. As with 99.99% of people I have no idea what is true or not.

What I do know ... at least common-sense would seem to indicate ... is that whoever currently owns our club will wish to recoup some money ... therefore it is in their best interests to keep the club going as a viable concern, and push us as high in the league as we can get to attract a good price.

Or perhaps I am being too optimistic, and basically they will get out at any price to remove us from their portfolio, leaving us in a possibly worse position than we have been for some time .. and we have already been down a long way!

Whatever the truth and the potential outcome, I strongly recommend that you join the newly created Charlton Supporters Trust which can be found here.

Whether or not it succeeds is a total unknown but it must be better than sitting back doing nothing and hoping for the best.

In the meantime I look forward to the possible re-emergence of Voice of the Valley ... and subsequently a new book from Rick.

COYR and a packed house on Saturday.


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