Six out of six!

Well would you believe it! Not the fact that we have won six on the trot but the fact that a team came to the Valley to attack and win.

Kudos to Brentford ... they wanted it as much as us and were in our half more in the first half than any other team so far ... and they are not a bad team for this level ... the best we have faced so far.

So it was a good test with so many tough games coming up.

Whenever the ball was in the air we seemed to be playing their game plan but once it got on the floor, it was again a total Charlton passing game ... perhaps best exemplified by the 2nd great goal.

At times our passing was sublime ... and we haven't had much chance to see that for some time!

So, six out of six, with plus 12 goal difference and only three conceded ... and I am enjoying every minute!

Further good news this morning as Jonjo signed a one-year extension to his contract ... he is now with us (potentially) until 2012 ... good stuff Jonjo!

As to player ratings, it was another excellent team display:

Elliott - not that much to do but made a superb instinct save in the 2nd half at a crucial time.

Richardson - good game again, made some superb crosses from one wing to the other and excellent passes up the line, building a good relationship with Sam.

Youga - probably his best game this season, very impressive and strong at times.

Dailly - very pleased he plays for us, his experience shows through.

Llera - can see him becoming a Charlton legend if he keeps this up and stays long enough. Excellent long-ball passing ability.

Sam - going from strength to strength since substituted and Wagstaff scored at the Valley. If he had played all 90 minutes, would have been my man of the match. Fantastic goal after one of the best passing movements of the game.

Semedo - wonderful display controlling the midfield, good in attacking and defensive moves. My man of the match.

Racon - committed and confident. Important factor in creating what may be the best, or close to the best, midfield outside the Premiership.

Shelvey - never stopped running and determined to score today. Unfortunately did not happen but the next goal is coming soon.

Bailey - yet again a terrific display, we all knew how important it was that we kept him. Might well be the most important factor in our push for promotion.

Burton - I like him better and better each week. Contributes a lot to the team and general gameplay, and got the goal he deserved.

Wagstaff - confident and full of running.

McLeod - looked good and unfortunate not to have been given a goal.

Parkinson - got it right again!

So ... on to Pardew next week ... so annoying that I will be in Hong Kong but will ensure that I listen to CAFC Player. Those of you that are going ... make sure you give Pardew plenty of stick ... he may be getting it from the Saints fans too!

Oh ... and we got Barnet in the cup ... who knocked out the Spanners in the last round.


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