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Interesting comments from Derek Chappell on the OS.

He pointed out that the sales were part of a strategy to strengthen Charlton's finances in addition to gaining a squad that shared the same ambitions as the club - but insisted that the Addicks would also be looking to invest in the transfer market before the end of August.

"We have to remember that we had a big squad last season. We're very pleased at the progress that has been made over the last two or three weeks, and our finances are much improved. We are getting ourselves financially straight, but of course the transfer window is far from closed and there is still a month to go. We have interests in other players, too, so it's not going to be a one-way street. Apart from reconfiguring the squad, I think it's desirable that we should have a squad of player that are settled at the club and a club that is also settled with its players. If interest is shown in any of our players by other clubs, I'd like to get to a situation where the player isn't unsettled because he is enjoying his time at Charlton and wants to stay at the club, and from the club's point of view, we have a settled squad full of players who want to play for Charlton, share the club's ambitions and are not tempted to leave. We don't want any distractions to our overall aim, which is to progress the club and get back to the Premier League.”


Anonymous said...

I like the sentiment behind this MM.

Its a major change in policy - picking less established players that are fighting for the cause rather than showcasing for their next move. its a bit more like the squad of 98.

I think it might take a season or two to reap dividends though.

Pembury Addick

johnny73 said...

I agree with Chappell's ideology, but maybe he is showing some inexperience.

This is modern football, and player loyalty simply doesn't exist, especially when the club is selling players, who have shown no inclination that they want to leave, Iwuemlo and McCarthy.

On second thoughts he's talking rubbish, he sold the players to balance the books, fine, just be honest about it, don't try and con us with statements like 'no distractions'.

Anonymous said...

when I related Chapell's comments to my seven year old, the first thing he said "so why did they sell Iwelumo then?"

Aaahh - good point son...

Pembury Addick

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