Here we go again!

Belated thanks to Charlton Life for arranging a re-run of the Sunderland play-off game at Bartrams a few weeks ago. Celebrating the 10th anniversary and Sasa was there as well! And it was the first time he had watched the game ... as was obvious because he didn't take his eyes off the screen even when being spoken to. Terrific bloke and good to see him again.

And the even better news ... the fixtures are out ... and it's amazing how much you start looking forward to getting back to the Valley again.

Welling tickets for Wednesday 9th July ... unfortunately midweek again as are a number of good fixtures ... go on sale this week so I'll be getting mine on Friday when I am back from Frankfurt. And then the most eagerly awaited friendly for years, Brighton away on 26th July. I get the impression there are a lot of Charlton going down to this one so hope we get enough tickets.

As to next season, we start with Swansea at home on 9th August so I think we can expect a fairly healthy away following for that one. And first away game is Watford ... we should get a decent support following us to Vicarage Road.

Both the Palaaarse games are mid-week, I assume on the request of the police. It's a pity but if we can get the type of atmosphere that we had at the home evening game last season then it's gonna be very noisy. I just hope we can take as many to the away game as we did last year.

Biggest disappointment for me is Doncaster away on a Tuesday in September. Been looking forward to this one so just my luck that I will be in Vienna that week on business. And Norwich away on 20th December is not the easiest of dates but at least it's a Saturday so I look forward to one of Delia's pies just before Christmas.

QPR at home on Boxing Day should be a good one but the away game is on a Tuesday in November. Seems to be a lot of away games mid-week which is always difficult for me as I normally work in Frankfurt during the week but hopefully I can make most of the better ones.

Both Forest and Blackpool away are on a Saturday, and will be possibles for me. Saturday April 25th will also be a date to be targeted - our last away game of the season and it's at Derby ... promotion game? OK, I shouldn't get carried away after last season ... but that's what it's all about, so why not!

Hope to see a few of you at Park View Road on 9th July ... and in the Guy Earl of Warwick before the game !

C'mon you Reds !!!


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