I don't believe it!

Weaver !!!!

This is ridiculous - the history between us and Weaver is well known. OK, some are saying we should treat it as just that, history, it's in the past. Well, I can't do that.

It just fills me with concern ... if he has a couple of bad games the crowd will quickly turn against him - this does nothing to lift the team.

If he does not perform consistently well at a high-level from the beginning, he will not be able to convert most of the fans and that helps no-one.

I like the majority of Pard's signings and continue to trust in him - I sincerely hope he proves me wrong ... and whatever happens, you won't find me booing any players ... but you can be sure that many will if this does not work out.


Kappacino Kid said...

I looked through the list of releases the other day and saw Weavers name on it, fleetingly I thought oh yes, but realised it could never happen. Oh how wrong can one be. I picked up the message on my mobile yesterday at midnight, had I already fallen asleep, was this a dream. Top be fair Weavers indiscretion goes back to one game almost 10 years ago and since then the vitriol has only been one way. he earned a lot of respect with his applause of the covered end last season after taking abuse throughout the match and it was more abuse than any player I have seen abused at the Valley, including Defoe and Parker. This however, is either a brave or stupid move by both Weaver and Pardew - maybe Pardew did not know the history between us and Weaver, but Minty and Reg do. there needs between now and the beginning of the season a big PR campaign behind Weaver, there should not be a sweeping under the carpet with some inane statement such as "Yes there is history, but I / he am /is a charlton player now and the fans know they must get behind every player", no Weaver needs to admit he was a young goalkeeper and made a mistake, I apologise and look forward to the next 4 years and helping Charlton back into the Prem where they belong ... blah blah blah." Otherwise its going to be tough.

StoneMuse said...

yes - good approach

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